Monday, 27 February 2012

Our Saturday

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This weekend I think I had one of the best Saturdays ever. The day started of slow and a little lazy then in the late afternoon we decided to go for a long bike ride along the river Cam up towards north Cambridge. We hadn't done this ride before and I'm so glad we did. The sun was shining and although it was a little chilly, it was a perfect day. The river was littered with Cambridge University Rowing teams practicing with their coaches cycling alongside shouting orders. We ended up going all the way to Waterbeach which I roughly worked out was about a 12 mile round trip. Nothing too strenuous, my kind of exercise! On the way back we discovered a Hungarian Chimney Cake or Kürtőskalácsstall next to the river, the smell was so enticing that we had to stop. The last time we had one of these was in Berlin so it brought back nice memories. Its a yeasted dough that it rolled like a ribbon around a wooden cylinder and then baked on a spit. It is then rolled in sugar and your choice of toppings. Tim went for coconut which was nice but I will definitely go back and try the others including cinnamon, almond, chocolate & vanilla.

When we got home I decided to have a go at making the Jammy Lamingtons from Dan Lepard's Short & Sweet. I'm very sad to report that after 2 attempts at making them, both failed. I was left with a horrible dense sponge and a kitchen covered in chocolate and coconut. Next time I make them (if I ever do) I will stick to a different recipe. I didn't quite understand why after separating the eggs and getting a soft meringue with the whites you would then whisk them into the other mixture. Surely folding it in would give you much better results. Its quite frustrating as this is the first recipe I have made from his book so I'm not off to a good start. I will be attempting something else tomorrow night to take to my book and bake club, so I hope that I am a bit more successful. I hate when recipes go wrong, it feels like such a waste of ingredients and is also so disheartening. If anyone has made these successfully I would love to hear what I did wrong. Is it better to just stick to a basic sponge recipe? Now its back to the drawing board to choose something else to make for Wednesday night. Again if anyone has any Dan Lepard recommendations I would love to hear.

1. Waiting for the blossom to start 2. His & Hers bikes 3. Rearranging my windswept hair 4. River 5. Sun beginning to set 6. Coconut Chimney Cake


  1. I love that cycle route - we did it on that last hot weekend at the start of October, gorgeous.
    I'm interested in this stall, where abouts on the river was it?

    1. The stall is infront of the Museum of Technology on Riverside :)


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